We handcraft original boutique instruments for musicians who seek to inspire.


We are a small team of passionate music lovers making instruments for musicians who understand the importance in performance, style, reliability and quality.


It begins with the search for the highest quality local tonewood. Then, from the sourced lumber, we cut our necks and bodies using our shop CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) router. After they’ve been precisely cut , they get sanded down, fretted and ready for the spraying process. Once it’s painted and the finish is sanded down a few more times, it’s assembled, tested and goes through our quality control department before being packed and shipped out to you.


David Lewis, founder

Quebec, Canada


I was eleven when I first got my hands on an electric guitar. It would set me on a path towards playing music and traveling as a sound guy and tour manager. Between tours, I would spend my time modding guitars and crafting guitar pedals. Curiosity eventually led me to making my own Telecaster from scratch. During the building process, I came across the Idea of having it finished in nitrocellulose. Fast forward a decade later, I found myself running my own guitar custom shop that specializes in nitro aged finishes. Those who know us know about our high quality products and also know that we’ve been passionately serving luthiers and musicians worldwide.